Modern telecommunication solutions

radio-based systems point-point, point-multipoint, satellite, fiber optic and voice


Radio-based data and voice communicaton

support for IP, PDH, SDH, CES



Turnkey projects

consulting, design, implementation, integration, construction and support


Knowledge and experience

competent team of technicians and engineers ensure project success



Ready to challenge

since 2007 we implement innovative and pioneering new technologies



IT Partners Telco, having implemented hundreds of projects since 2005, has the competence and experience in performing turnkey contracts.

Our speciality is carrying out, for or on behalf of the client, the complete process of design, delivery, implementation, integration and maintenance of telecommunication systems and related infrastructure (supporting structures, telecommunication towers, containers, connections, etc.)

As part of our offer, we propose:

  • Telecommunication systems design - preparation of project documentation of implementation of the particular telecommunication technology and provided services
  • Radio planning – preparation of effectively functioning radio systems
  • Telecommunication facilities design – preparation of building and executive projects of supporting structures, towers, masts, containers, connections and other elements of telecommunication infrastructure
  • Telecommunication facilities construction – carrying out the process of getting building permits, construction, equipping and activating towers, masts, containers, connections, server rooms and other elements of telecommunication infrastructure
  • Telecommunication systems installations – installation and launching components of telecommunication systems
  • Telecommunication systems integration – preparation of projects and implementation of elements transmitting services between the client’s and/or outside operators’ telecommunication systems
  • Maintenance – around the clock expert maintenance of systems in the uninterruptible mode
  • Help Desk 24/7/365 – dedicated division of telecommunication systems’ monitoring, customer support and collaboration with technical services
  • Consulting – technical and financial consultancy services linked to telecommunication in the broad meaning of the term

Please contact us if the above mentioned list is lacking a service related to telecommunications. We will certainly meet your expectations.

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