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Radio-based data and voice communicaton

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IT Partners Telco specialises in data, video and voice transmission.

We offer almost all of the solutions of wireless data transmission by radio, for both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint systems.

Noteworthy among these are solutions from the following radio equipment manufacturers:

  • Ceragon – IT Partners Telco is a leading supplier of Ceragon solutions on the Polish market. We are a distributor for Ceragon since 2008.
  • Radwin – distributing since 2011.
  • Siklu – distributing since 2012.
  • E-band – distributing since 2012.
  • 4RF – distributing since 2010.


And from the following manufacturers of point-to-multipoint solutions:

  • Radwin – point-to-multipoint connection on both licensed and unlicensed bands
  • 4RF – point-to-multipoint low-frequency connection dedicated for SCADA environments
  • Hughes – point-to-multipoint LMDS-standard connection


We also offer satellite connection HughesNET solutions and Professional Mobile Radio DMR- and TETRA-standard Motorola solutions, as well as SCAN Antenna's antenna systems.

The only group of products not related to “radio” are fibre-optic ECI Telecom solutions.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

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